Kate McBride. Poems & Polaroids

I Journey With You Here

28/05/10 > 30/06/10 - Florence

The current exhibition in the Agora|Z gallery space of the Palazzo Strozzi draws its inspiration from a fascination with Polaroid, instant images. The unique and ethereal quality of the film suggests moments and feelings, impressions from travels; evoking smells, colours and the atmosphere of places. A dreamlike panorama crosses changing landscapes-from the french Alpilles to Kansas-but all with an intimate and universal tie. McBride writes poetry inspired by the times and thoughts depicted in the photographs, a kind of "visual poetry." 

Through a series of limited edition print sets, the exhibition proposes a correspondence between the still images, printed on hand made paper, and the poems typed with a Smith-Corona Sterling typewriter. 

Kate McBride works as a writer and director, living between Vancouver, Florence and Nice. Her current project, "Poems & Polaroids: I Journey With You Here" draws from her travel journals between the years 1989 to 2006. 

Kate McBride. Poems & Polaroids

I Journey With You Here

Opening: Friday 28 May at 18.00

Show Dates: 28/05/10 - 30/06/10


Piazza Strozzi


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